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Armenia- Emma


Ventura Story

I hitchiked in with a friend (woman) and a person we met (man), we learned that hitchhiking there is very challenging as a woman because of the advances of men. We saw most of the sites in Yerevan and ate amazing food which was primarily bread and cheese.

Where to stay

We couchsurfed and stayed at a hostel in the center

Best way to get around

Although hitchhiking was taxing as a woman it was a really interesting experience. We had the chance to see a very different side of the country. We also traveled by bus.

Is there anything you wish you knew before the trip?

A little bit of Russian and what to expect from the people there, outside of the city center it was very exhausting to be constantly and sometimes aggressively hit on but in the center it was extremely welcoming and hospitable.

What advice can you pass along to the next traveller?

Learn some Russian, make connections through couchsurfing in advance


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