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Bali- Sydney

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Travel Story

Bali is a wonderful place with so many different things to do. Just researching online like I usually do, it can be hard to sort out how you want to spend your precious vacation time. I think my biggest piece of advice would be not to worry too much about having everything planned out in advance but rather wait until you arrive, find a nice homestay full of other travelers and go with the flow! Some of the best activities we enjoyed happened when we just tagged along with other people staying at our same homestay. You might do things you wouldn’t normally pick out on your own and you make friendships that can last way beyond your trip.

Where to stay

London’s Homestay (you can find it on Airbnb or google

Best way to get around

Scooter... no question about it! If it scares you just take it slow and go with the flow of traffic. I suck at driving but I survived!

Anything you wish you knew before your trip?

Pack as light as possible. You’ll only wear like 3 outfits the whole time. And don’t bring nice clothes bc you’re just going to ruin everything!

Any advice you can pass along to the next traveller?

Another way we discovered new beaches and spots was just looking at a map and just driving. We found so many cool lookouts and secret beaches by just wandering aimlessly until we reached the ocean.


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