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Barcelona, Spain- Dana


Ventura Story

Traveling with my mom was phenomenal. But two women traveling, albeit together, can be a little intimidating. But Barcelona was phenomenal. THe people were friendly, paella was PHENOMENAL, and the espresso was strong. If you order coffee, they'll ask "American or espresso?". And i learned that even in the middle of protests and government questions, people are friendly, genuine people deep down.

Where to stay

We stayed at h10 universitat and while the rooms were small, the rooftop view was fantastic

Best way to get around

if you're near the city center, walking for sure. but i've heard that the public transit is great too

Is there anything you wish you knew before your trip?

don't be afraid to speak spanish or ask questions

What advice can you pass along to the next traveller?

Get excited, you're in a new country! Be prepared for people to ask you questions about the States as well as 5 different recommendations for tapas & paella, all equally amazing.


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