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Busan, South Korea- Emmy

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Great for: Beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and friendly people

How to get there: Bullet train from Seoul

Best experience: Swimming in the sea

Accommodation: SoHostel

안녕하세요! (an-nyeong-ha-se-yo)


From the moment I booked South Korea I knew Busan was on the cards. The journey was a simple bullet train from Seoul Station to Busan Station, as soon as I got off the train I was hit by the holiday vibes!

Travelling in style with my travel buddy Jemima

 Beautiful views near the station

First on my list was Gwangalli Bay (a short bus ride away from our hostel which was close to Busan station), hands down one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve been too, perfect white sands, clean seas and gorgeous views.

Pretending to be a mermaid

The nightlife in Busan is great! We went to a bar overlooking the sea, at about 1am the bartenders put on a fire display- juggling torches, flaming sambucas and K-Pop dance moves. Everyone in Busan from the staff at our hostel (SoHostel- can’t recommend that place enough), to strangers stopping to talk to us, to this lovely girls who spoke to us in the bar were so friendly and welcoming!

Making friends and drinking cocktails

Thanks for reading!

감사합니다 (gam-sa-ham-ni-da)


Is there anything you wish you knew before your trip?

I wish I'd spent more of my time traveling South Korea in Busan.

What advice can you pass along to the next traveller?

People are really friendly and chatty, talk to them. And try lots of local food!


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