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Cebu, Philippines- Stephanie

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Cebu is one of my favorite places to visit and preferably the best place to fly into and out of in the Philippines. Cebu being a large city in the Philippines nevertheless, can have their downsides such as malls filled with westernized products like Nike, Apple, etc. and westernized foods, but for the most part these are in the highly populated areas.  Although, the Philippines’ rich culture and history of Catholicism leads you to many historical sites.  With that, I give you my 7 Places to See in Cebu, Philippines.


The Taoist Temple is in Cebu’s Beverly Hills which was built by Cebu’s Chinese Community. This is a beautifully built temple that you can visit and worship as you like. It is one of the places that is a must see in Cebu since it is quite different than anything you will see in the Philippines.


Mactan is a depiction of the warrior Lapu-Lapu where he and his soldiers defeated the Spaniards in result killing Ferdinand Magellan during the battle of Mactan.


The Magellan Cross exhibit was closed due to major renovation the time I visited. The only thing available to see was the actual cross as everything else was torn up or covered inside the building.  However, this beautiful cross was planted by the Spanish and the Portuguese ordered by Ferdinand Magellan.  This is close to the Basilica del Nino.


This beautiful church is one of the most popular sites to visit in Cebu since it is considered the oldest church in the Philippines.  The Philippines is filled with beautiful religious relics that are all over their country.  That is what the Philippines takes much pride in is their religious beliefs. Here is the best location to visit and light a candle and pray for a loved one, good health and good fortune.


The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist is a stunning and breathtaking place to visit.  There are a lot of religious artifacts here and it is recommended that you stay covered up when visiting.  There are people outside for a small amount of money that you can borrow scarves, pants and what not to stay covered up before entering this sacred place.


Fort San Pedro is a very interesting place, you can see the Spanish architecture here.  It is beautiful and peaceful and often rented out for weddings and reunions so don’t be surprised to see it rented out when you visit. You can also get a great view of the park and the city sitting on the top of the walls.


You can’t visit Cebu without visiting the beach.  One of my favorite beaches to spend time in is Alcoy Beach.  This beach has white sands that soft to the touch and a clean beach.  They have great views of these beautiful huts that you can rent out.  This is a great beach to relax and have a picnic.



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