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Mykonos, Greece- Sophie

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June 9 2016

The water here in Mykonos is so blue and clear. It’s a maze of cobbled streets, cute white buildings with blue stairs and shutters, and buntings of small Greek flags. It’s warm but the sun isn’t harsh like at home, SPF 15 is considered fairly high and a once a day application seems to be enough.

During the day we’ve been quad biking around the island, driving on the right hand side of the road. I may have had a oh my god I’m going to die moment when approaching the roundabout but made it out the other side in one piece… Not making out I’m a quad pro or anything because I totally flipped it and broke the wing mirror at one point. I literally was “off-roading” anyway €15 later and we were jumping off a floating pontoon. Turns out the water is burn your eyes and throat salty so I had no problems floating and treading water. You can tell from my face in the photos how happy that made me!

Night time in Mykonos we ate more delicious food, followed by drinks at one of the many bars and club hopping starts around 1am… We religiously followed this up with crepes at 3 am. my highlight has got to be ending a drunken night out sitting on the roof of our hotel overlooking the whole island, stargazing and cuddling up under blankets with people that have become your good friends just after a few days. I’m already sad we loose two of our group today as we go our separate ways, but our matching bracelets means we are bound in friendship haha.

Mykonos you’ve been fun, your beautiful, you know how to party and you’ve left me with some great stories!

Off to Santorini!



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