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My family and I took a trip to Paris for the weekend! It was supposed to be a lot longer than what it actually turned to be. We were supposed to leave from Germany around 10:30 so we could be there around 1:00pm. We struggled the whole morning too. We had problems printing out our train tickets which caused us to miss our first train! Then the next train we took was not until 2:00pm! So we killed time at the local mall. We finally get on the train and it broke down! Fast forward to several hours later and we finally made it to Paris around 7:45pm. The first thing we did was take the subway to the hotel to drop our luggage off. The adventure begins….

We stayed at the Hotel Napoleon! It is located at the Champs-Elysées neighborhood which has the Arc de Triomphe and the famous shops too! The hotel is located on the corner of avenue de Friedland! It is a very nice and upscale hotel! The best thing is the price! It was around $200 a night! The rooms were amazing and the bathroom was gorgeous! It had a restaurant downstairs that had a breakfast buffet!

The outside of the hotel.

Our fancy room!

First stop was dinner! We had dinner at L’étoile 1903! It was located a street over from the Hotel Napoleon! It had both indoor and outdoor seating. It also gave off that romantic vibe as well! Honestly the restaurant is perfect for date night!

Here is the restaurant

We got champagne and had a toast! When in Paris...

Here is my dinner! A ham and cheese omelette! It was awesome!

The one thing we most wanted to do that night was go see the Effiel Tower at night. It was a good 30 minute walk from our hotel, but it was most definitely worth it! We did not get to go up it since it was closing. Next time though!

We almost made it there! Right before it lit up!

It does get magical when it lights up!

From the Effiel Tower we headed back to our hotel! My fiance and I decided to go grab a bottle of champagne to take back to our hotel room! We bought a bottle called VEUVE CLICQUOT ROSÉ BRUT NV. It was delicious and came in a fancy box!

After a night of romance and lots of yummy champagne, the real tourist work begins! We decided to check out some of the shops that the Champs-Elysées had to offer! It reminded me of 5th Avenue in New York because it had all the designer stores! Before we hit the shops we had breakfast at the hotel and had to visit the Arc de Triomphe!

Some of our yummy breakfast!

All up close and personal

Some things featured in the Champs- Elysées!

Once we were finally done with the shops, we set out on a mission! This mission was to hit the Louvre! It was about a 35 minute walk from the stores! We were determined to see the famous Mona Lisa! Of course no mission was not complete with a few stops along the way! We stopped at Fontaine De Mers and Luxor Obelisk!

Fontaine De Mers!

Luxor Obelisk

After our visit with those two monuments we kept pressing on! The Louvre was not that much further away and the next things we encountered were Site du Palais des Tuileries!

A statue along with Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel!

We finally made it to the Louvre! Only come to find out that there is a long line with at least a 2 hour wait! We could not wait that long because we would miss our train! It is our goal to hit it next time though!

I highly recommend you go earlier in the day or clear out your day for this!

I could not leave without doing this!

We had one last mission and we had time for one quick mission. We decided to set our sights out on the Love Lock Bridge. In case you did not know the bridge is famous for everyone putting their locks on there and tossing the key into the river. The bridge is formally known as the Ponte De Arts bridge! The city of Paris recently put up a plastic barrier to stop people from leaving locks. It definitely did not stop lovers from leaving their mark!

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Our lock!

The river that the bridge overlooked!

As always good things must come to an end. After we put our lock on the bridge we had to go back on the train to Germany. We definitely plan on coming back when I move over to Germany, but for now the city of Paris and I had to part ways. It reminded me of New York with all of the hustle and bustle! Comment below some more fun things for us to go see next time we are in Paris! I know we missed a whole lot!



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